The Comprehensive Tax Incentive Strategy and Compliance Solution

At Tax Advisory Group we make the necessary investment of time and resources to maximize your results.

  • Identify relevant tax incentives that a company qualifies for
  • Ensure the correct value of the incentive is realized
  • Document the entire process and qualifying costs
  • Report on the results achieved and suggest areas of how to improve on the credits attained.

Managing Tax Credit and Incentives Opportunities

In our process, we review each of your company’s facilities, your global employee base and the internal investments and external acquisitions that your company recently completed. Tax Advisory Group’s team of credit and incentives specialists will:

  • Identify all available Federal, State, County and City tax incentives for your company based on industry, geography and corporate investments;
  • Evaluate the potential value of the credits and incentives,
  • Ensure that the full value of these incentives is realized.
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Through our partnership, we create a repeatable process to effectively gather, review and store data that is critical to the record keeping guidelines set for by tax and revenue authorities.

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As we calculate the benefits available, we ensure that no opportunity has not been evaluated and any credit that has been sought after, has been fully utilized.

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